I love Nina’s gong bath meditations.   I feel like I’ve been on a journey and  lost track of time and self. It is can be deeply relaxing or stir up things that need to surface or both! Whatever it needs to be. It resets me on a deep level and relieves anxiety and insomnia.

Anna Costume designer

My client were looking for a unique activity to accompany their wellbeing weekend in the countryside. Nina was a real delight to work with and perfectly adapted to my clients brief, ensuring the room was beautifully lit and scented. My clients walked away from the sound bath feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and peaceful. This was the perfect activity to set the tone of the weekend, and I could not recommend Nina and her sound baths enough. A wonderful experience x

Emma @Aok events

My first session at Nina’s gong therapy went way beyond my expectations! I literally felt my body realign . I suffer with an autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and all that comes with those and I just felt my body aligning in the session. Kind of getting a reset from years of physical and mental stress.. I came out of that first session sooo energised. I practically skipped home!   My second session, was a totally different experience; I became soo relaxed and on a high, involuntarily smiling all the way home and I slept like I’d never slept such a deep sleep before, completely knocked out! I really don’t want to stop going. My body is really benefiting. Nina is lovely and you feel really embraced in the sessions.

Raha, photographer

This was my first gong bath so didn’t know what it expect  I’m not into meditating or yoga.

Nina was great, she a very straightforward no guided meditations or weird stuff, a few breathing exercises and then we lay down. I didn’t think I d be able to relax but I was wrong it was an  amazing experience Lost sense of time and my thoughts dissolved


I love how you hold the space. You have a lot of strength, care and grace. It was like flying in the cosmos.

Loved it!

Thank you x



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