Gong Meditation

Gong Baths are a beautiful and simple way of accessing a place of stillness and peace

The unique sounds and vibrations of the gong enable the mind and body to fall into deep states of relaxation, by slowing down the sympathetic and raising the parasympathetic nervous system, gently lowering the brainwaves and allowing the body to heal itself. Sound healing can bring relief to insomnia, stress, anxiety and muscle tension.

The gongs ability to penetrate and relax your mind and body is instant!

Gong and Sound Baths are becoming increasingly popular. Meditation is essential for our wellbeing, relaxing and switching off is something that became very difficult for many of us especially in this current time.

Gong Meditation is ideal of those struggling to meditate. Nothing is required of you but to lie down and close your eyes.

I run weekly sound baths at "The Yoga Studio" in Hampstead on Thursday at 7pm.

I also offer corporate sessions and events as well as private group sessions and 1:1's.

Please email me for more information or click here for bookings.


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